Mark and Katie were recommended to idesign by neighbours, when they began plans to extend their kitchen. A large extension like this provides extraordinary opportunities as well as offering interesting challenges – how best to utilise the space whilst ensuring that the various working and living areas stay feeling connected. As always, we started with the clients’ individual needs and situation: they are a family of two adults working at home, two teenaged children, and a very large bouncy dog, all using and sharing the space at different times, who wanted a lot of work surfaces and to keep their American style fridge-freezer.

Rather than break up the available space with an island, the design incorporates a number of focused areas to reflect how the family use their kitchen – one adult can be cooking at the hob, whilst another works at the breakfast bar, whilst the children help themselves at the tea and coffee station. The areas are tied together by the strongly coloured glass splashbacks that echo the decoration of the rest of the house.

It’s really more than I could have dreamed of

The kitchen works brilliantly – it’s really more than I could have dreamed of.

Mark and Katie